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Labrador Retriever Training in Alberta

Club Mead Pet Resort offers retriever training for Labrador Retrievers. We are committed to providing one on one training with your dog. A well trained retriever is a major asset in game conservation. For every bird shot, your chance of retrieving it are multiplied many times over compared to no dog. That results in less birds killed to fill bag limits.


Gun Dog Training

We have extensive experience training gun dogs all the way up to field trial dogs. We start with an essential and thorough basics program which can take several weeks up to a few months depending on the dog. As this is happening and afterwards, we progress his/her field training based on the needs of our clients and how advanced they would like the training to be. We put no timelines on our program as the needs of each dog are different. Rather, we take the approach that each step along the way is completed before advancing to the next. The end result is a well rounded retriever with all the skills we teach completely learned.


We need to do an evaluation of your dog before accepting him/her into training. All puppies sold by Club Mead Labradors are bred to work in the field and most likely would pass evaluation. The ideal dog coming for training will be about 7 months to 12 months of age, be well socialized, and be well introduced to play retrieving. Basic obedience can be started, but not mandatory. We only accept purebred registered field bred type Labradors.




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