Socializing your dog is a lot easier than you thought


Socialization is a key element in the growth of your pup. As a dog owner you want to raise a well-adjusted, happy, and confident dog. This can happen if you make an early start with your pup and gradually introduce him to animals, people, experiences, sounds, and new surroundings. You will find that slowly your pup will get used to external stimuli and will feel comfortable in all situations.

What does socializing mean?
Socializing means that you involve your dog as much as possible in your day-to-day activities. Say for instance playing in the yard, playing with other animals in the park, interacting with grown-ups and children, or simply lying down and listening to people speak. All these situations to which a dog gets exposed, builds on the social skills of your dog.

Benefits of socialization
There are numerous benefits of socialization:
– Socialized dogs are more experienced in adjusting to unfamiliar situations and experiences.
– Dogs feel more confident and secure and this reflects in their body language.
– They are able to read the body language of other dogs and are open to playing with them.
– Your dog becomes aware of the presence of children and behaves less aggressively.
– It becomes easier to house break your dog.

Interested? Would you like to socialize your dog? If yes, then you can easily get started in simple easy steps outlined below.

How to socialize your dog in simple easy steps?
– Become the leader
Dogs like to follow a leader and you can make your dog understand that you are the leader that he has to follow. This will allow your dog to enjoy himself and socialize with others as it won’t feel unsure anymore who he has to follow.

– Make an early start
Start with the vaccination of your pup at an early age, preferably when the pup is between 4-12 weeks old.

– Don’t rush
Start with a slow approach so that your pup easily adjusts itself into a pack. For instance you might want to try one- on-one interactions between your pup and another dog.

– Reward your dog
Whenever your dog does something nice, or shows positive behavior, reward it immediately.

– Punish your dog selectively
In case your dog doesn’t obey your command, or shows bad behavior, then punish it selectively by either calling out certain words, or by stop playing with the dog. However, never hit your dog.

– Use your dog’s name consistently
Callout your dog’s name to signify that it means it should look at you and pay attention. When the dog comes to you always reward it. Never call out your dog’s name when you are angry as it will mean that the dog’s name is associated with anger.

– Be patient
Take a slow and steady approach and watch your dog socialize. The more improvements that you see in your dog’s behavior, the more satisfaction will you derive from your efforts.

– Be regular with walks
Ensure that walks are a daily part of your dog’s routine and fix up a time for the walks. This is a very good way to acquaint and socialize your dog to see new places, and to smell new things.

– Mix it up
Make your dog meet as many people as possible, so that it gets acquainted and familiar not with just one person, but with many.

– Keep treats handy
Make sure you have a stock of treats to reward your dog whenever he does something good. Best treats are pieces of cooked chicken, or a hard-boiled egg or frozen meat treats.

– Take cues from your dog
Keep your eyes peeled for any cues that your dog might give you. For example if he is tired and needs rest. This is important because there is no point in teaching new things to your dog if it is tired.

How can Dog Kennels Edmonton help in socialization between dogs?
Not every person has the time and motivation to make their dogs socialize with each other. It is here that dog kennels Edmonton can play a big role. They run training programs lasting a few weeks especially for puppies and young dogs. In this program puppies are trained for house-breaking, obedience commands and even taught a few tricks.

Further they are groomed and taken out for walks at regular intervals and served meals at specific times. This instills a sense of discipline in them. Further, socializing training is imparted to your pup so that it learns to interact with other dogs and animals and acquires social skills.

Some dog kennels Edmonton even provide aromatherapy and hydrotherapy to pups and dogs and trim their fur if it has grown long. This saves your valuable time.

To conclude, it is important imbibe social skills in your dog and your money is well-spent if you utilize the services of dog kennels Edmonton for this purpose.