Previous Field Trial Dogs

Duffglenn’s Sparks Will Fly WCXBlack Lab award winning breed

I bought Sparky from George Duffy as a companion dog in January 1992, after our house burned down and I lost my first lab, Spud. Sparky was quite active as a pup and we ran all over the country competing in the puppy, mostly as a social outing, I guess. There was no doubt that she could mark. The next spring we started her derby career. She started a little slow, but rapidly gained momentum with a double header in Red Deer, Alberta. She faced stiff competition but ranked 40 points, putting her at the top in Canada in 1993 in the Junior. The next season, she won her two Qualifyings in only 6 starts. Our kennel business was using a lot of our resources at that time so after a successful litter with Ebonstar Lean Mac, we decided to sell her. She went on to compete and breed with someone who at that time could afford to spend the money and time she needed. She has been one of our favorites.

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH DB’s Cracker of Clubmead

Don Berard
Don Berard

Ritz was an outstanding dog from the first day I picked him up from Stu and Diana. He was through basic training at 7 months and won his first derby at 10.5 months. He started 20 derbies and placed or Jammed in 15 with 4 firsts. His Qualifying record is 4 Jams and a win. He entered 3 trials in Canada in 1997 and had an Open 1st, 2nd and an Amateur Jam. His all age record in the States was 1 Open 2nd and 1 Amateur 2nd. This was all before 2,5 years of age. Ritz is a joy to train and a wonderful house dog where he spends a lot of his time. I must give thanks to Eric Fangsrud. Without his help, we would not have accomplished what we have.

FTCH AFTCH Chena River Turbo Tinatina2

I bought Tina from Len Ferucci as a pup. She’s been special since day one and in 1996, at eight months old, she completed a 28 dog Junior for a Reserve Jam.  In 1997, she received 38 Junior points to put her at third in Canada despite suffering a leg injury. I also ran her in a 29 dog Qualifying that summer for a Jam.

In 1998 I decided to put her right into the Open. She struggled a bit but Stu Mead | Club Mead Pet Resortpicked up a Jam and a win that spring. She didn’t run the whole fall circuit as she was in heat, but came to the Logan Lake National in the fall and went 7 series.

After picking up a 2nd and a Jam in 4 trials in California in the Open in the spring of 1999, she came home and qualified for the Canadian National Amateur Trial and completed 8 series. After finishing 5 out of 9 trials in the later summer, she completed both her titles with a spectacular win at the Alberta Retriever Clubs Association trial.

Tina did nine series at the 2000 Canadian National Retriever Championship trial in Brandon, Manitoba and is now retiring a young champion to make way for her puppies, Clubmeads Turbo Tweet and Clubmeads Turbo Cruiser to go into training. She will continue to be bred, hunted and just be my pal. -STU MEAD

Tina lived until the ripe age of almost 13. She was a wonderful dog and I’ll miss her always. Stu/Sep 8/2008

Tina’s mother, FC AFC Chena River Tug, and her father, FC NAFC CNAFC tinaEbonstar Lean Mac, both finished the American National Field Trial in the fall of 1997!

Shown here is Doug Grant with Tina in the spring of 1997 after winning two double headers in the Junior.