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#1 Simple Instructions.

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Here’s a list of simple but complete instructions on how to book in our kennel and what to bring with you. There is information on all other site pages also.

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Here’s a short list to make things simple.

  • From the online booking page, start an account.
  • Book your pet in and send us the vaccination papers via email or upload on your login page. You will receive email confirmations and pertinent emails.
  • Here’s what most people bring: Leash, pet. Food is optional, we supply at no extra fee. We prefer to use our own bedding so we may wash it without losing it. If you insist on your own, no problem, but talk to our counter staff for details. A couple toys are fine. Try to keep them larger so they can’t roll under the gates out into the aisle.
  • Bring any medications in original packaging with dosing instructions on them.
  • Our online booking is very simple once you are signed in and especially with our mobile app. You book, modify or even cancel all from your login page. Once your pet is checked in however, you must email us for schedule changes.

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Closed on these dates 2020:

  • Sunday, Feb 16

  • Saturday, April 11

  • Sunday, April 12

  • Sunday, May 17

  • Saturday, August 1

  • Sunday, Aug 2

  • Sunday, Sep 6

  • Sunday, Oct 11

  • Dec 24-25-26-31

  • Jan 1-2, 2021

    Only the office is closed and our system will not allow bookings to start or end on these dates. The kennel is fully operational.