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Does your boarding facility include food?

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Yes, everything is included. Probably half of our guests bring their own too and that’s fine. Whatever works for you is good with us. We don’t use the cheapest junk out there but rather look for a decent dry kibble that is agreeable to most pets and generally will stay firm on so they can transition easily. We’ve used Iams, Pedigree, Kirkland and others through the years. The formula changes on them every now and then and sometimes forces us to change because we actually see a difference in the pets.

We used a product called Masterfeeds Sportsman for probably 15 years. It was produced locally in Barrhead, Alberta I believe. It was the best overall dogfood on the market in our opinion. One day when I went to pick up my 4 pallets at the plant, they informed me it was now made somewhere else out east. We fed 3 bags out of that 100 bag order and had to return the rest. It literally was not the same food even though the bag was the same. The dogs wouldn’t even eat it.

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