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Online Booking

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Instant scheduling at your fingertips here or on our mobile app. Start a new account and get all of the paperwork out of the way at your convenience. Enter your details, digitally sign the contracts, put your pets in and you are ready to go, your way. After you book you can modify your schedule or even cancel online should plans change. Then upload or email your pets vaccines to us to keep on file. We’ll even send out vaccination reminders in the future.

We receive 2 common emails or texts.
1. Do you have room for such and such dates?
2. I’d like to book my dog for so and so dates.

This actually delays and lessens your chances of getting in, especially if we are running at near capacity. If you need to board, simply sign up and book in. Chances are we will have room and accept the booking. Also, if we are full, the system will reject requests. That doesn’t happen often as when we are full we get cancellations and more requests. Patience will probably get you in unless it’s spur of the moment. Go ahead and book. Calling or texting us may delay getting in.

Bull Breed Policy

I will write a full blog article regarding this soon and explain more, but we are forced to bring in a policy for bully breeds and some others. Pit bulls, pit crosses, Cane Corsoes, mastiffs, and anything related to these breeds. We will no longer take these dogs sight unseen especially when we are busy. 

Many pit bulls and all the breeds I listed are fine and have no problems and we continue to have great relations with them and all their owners. But, we have decided to tighten up our admittance requirements. Staff safety and the safety of all dogs in our care is primary. We will need to evaluate each dog before admitting them here.


Login Click here.   New Account- Click here.

  • Want to know what to bring and how it all works? See our FAQ’s page.
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  • Our Mobile App is available. App Store ‘Petexec Mobile’.
Business Hours
  • 6:30 am-10:00 pm daily

This map should read 901-10 ‘AVE’. It says STREET, but for 20 years I have not been able to get Google to change it. The pin location is correct.

Closed on these dates 2020:

  • Sunday, Feb 16

  • Saturday, April 11

  • Sunday, April 12

  • Sunday, May 17

  • Saturday, August 1

  • Sunday, Aug 2

  • Sunday, Sep 6

  • Sunday, Oct 11

  • Dec 24-25-26-31

  • Jan 1-2, 2021

    Only the office is closed and our system will not allow bookings to start or end on these dates. The kennel is fully operational.