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Dog & Cat Grooming Services

At Club Mead Pet Resort, we offer a bath and nail clip for dogs and cats. Whether your pet is here for the day, or with us for a few days, your pet will leave happy, clean and manicured! We are also able to accommodate walk-in grooming services. (Vaccination policy applies)

Grooming your dog or cat on a regular basis is important to help maintain your pet's health and hygiene. With the help of our experienced grooming staff, you can be assured that your cat or dog gets a positive experience during bath time or while getting their nails trimmed.

If your pet is nervous about grooming, our staff is trained to deal with it and find ways to comfort them. Usually, a nice soothing warm shower does the trick.

We offer a ground level shower stall so your pet may walk in and avoid the typical porcelain bath tub experience. This helps lower anxiety from being lifted into a tub and prevents slip and falls.

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What’s Included?

  • Bath- Your pet will be clean and smelling great when you pick them up!
  • Towel Dry- A good dry after a bath!
  • Nail Clip- A quick and stress free experience!

Grooming Services

Bath/Nail Combo$30