Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I make my bookings?

You are in charge of your own scheduling. Our cancellation policy and fair play apply.

Are all dog breeds allowed at your facility?

Yes! Our pet care experts are proficient with handling dogs of all breeds and sizes.

I own two pets. Can they stay together?

Yes, however, they must be able to eat in the same area. We reserve the right to split your pets up for any safety reasons, such as but not limited to, feeding and socializing. This also applies to cats, but please note, cats will stay in a separate building from dogs.

Do you administer insulin and other medications?

Yes, we will follow your instruction of administering most kinds of medications including insulin. Please provide the medication in original labelled bottles and in the case of injections, we require one needle per injection.

Is there an additional charge to administer medication?


Can you handle pets with special care needs?

Yes, we can accommodate many special care instructions. We do have limitations on some special care instructions as we are not a vet clinic. Please contact us prior to booking to ensure we can handle your specific request.

Does your boarding facility include food?

Yes, we offer dry-chicken based, high-quality adult maintenance food that is easily digestible by most dogs. We offer sufficient food to satisfy the hungriest of dogs.

Can I bring my pet’s own food?


Are you able to accommodate a raw food diet?

Yes, we have ample fridge and freezer space to accommodate raw diets. We are also a Mountain Dog Food retailer.

Why is there concrete flooring in most parts of the facility?

For the purpose of maintaining high sanitary standards, we offer concrete flooring at our facility. This flooring also comes with year round heating in the outdoor areas to ensure maximum comfort for your pets.

Can we bring reminders of home for our pet?

Yes, familiar toys, treats and a machine washable blanket are welcome, although we do prefer to provide bedding for your pet. We are unable to accept bedding that cannot be laundered.

Do you accept unspayed or unneutered pets?

Yes, we do. However, unaltered males over 10 months of age and females in heat will not be permitted to socialize.

Can I check on my pet while I am away?

Yes, drop us a line via your online portal.

Do you offer a tour?

Yes, we offer daily tours at 12 noon.

Do you require an emergency contact person for my pet?

Yes! It is extremely important for the security of your pet that you have a person on your file that can transport your pet or make other critical decisions on your behalf should the need arise. Please make sure this person is aware they are the emergency contact so it is not a surprise if we must call.

Can I expect timely responses to my questions and concerns?

Yes, but understand the focus of our staff is taking care of our guests. Therefore, we are not always able to grab the phone immediately. We are still committed to responding to your voicemail and emails as quickly as possible. Drop us a message via our Facebook page too. When leaving messages, please outline the reason for your call or message so we can be prepared to provide the specific information you seek.