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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding Edmonton | Club Mead Pet Resort


Dog Boarding Services Near Edmonton & Leduc

At Club Mead, we offer the most hygienic, safe and fun environment for your dog to enjoy while you are away. With spacious kennels of various sizes, we are able to accommodate all kinds of breeds. Whether you need to leave your pet Chihuahua or your friendly Golden Retriever with us, our expert staff takes exceptional care and attention to see your dog is cared for.

Club Mead Pet Resort offers:

  • 12000 square feet of heated indoor facility
  • 6000 square feet of floor heated outdoor facility
  • Administration of medications, if required.
  • Individual indoor runs, pets from the same home can stay together
  • Outdoor group play times available for our sociable guests
  • Dogs have access to outdoor pens several times throughout the day
  • Outdoor concrete is heated during the winter to keep feet warm and enable washing year round
  • Indoor runs are secure with solid walls for privacy and comfort
  • Dog boarding & kennels located conveniently near Edmonton International Airport

All Breeds Welcome

At Club Mead Pet Resort, we welcome all types of breeds. We feel dogs are people too, no matter what their breed.

Healthy and Safe Food for Dogs

We understand that dogs can get extremely used to the food they eat at home. For an easy transition, we offer to our furry guests our “house” brand of food, a quality brand name. We also encourage our clients to bring along their dogs food, in case their pet faces any digestive problems with a change in diet. That said, medicine administration and food provision is done at no extra cost.

We also are a distributor of Mountain Dog Food. If you wish us to provide Mountain Dog Food while you pet is here, we can do that. Chat with our friendly counter staff.

Sufficient Physical Activity

Our dog care experts take the dogs out for exercise and outdoor play 3 times a day. This gives your pet sufficient sunshine, physical activity and a chance to explore the new environment at their own pace.

Extended Business Hours

For your convenience, we offer generous business hours, allowing you more options to drop off and pick up your pet.

Edmonton Dog Boarding


Dog Boarding

Let us take your dog for the day while you’re at work or play.


Socializing Opportunities

Upon your approval, we allow your pet to socialize with other dogs who are like minded. We generally have a puppy group, a group of adolescents, middle aged dogs, old lady and senior gent dogs as well as a geriatric group. We make it a point to place the dogs in small groups with the same friends during their stay for consistency and comfort. All dogs love routine and we fill up their days with activities in a scheduled manner, allowing them to settle in quickly.

For socializing safety reasons, please note unaltered males over 10 months of age and females in season are not allowed to socialize with other dogs.

Things to Keep in Mind When Booking with Us

We welcome all breeds at our boarding facility, provided they come with a vaccination certificate. Kindly go through our admission
requirements and reservation policy for more information.

We recommend that you book well in advance especially during our peak seasons to make sure your pet is able to find an accommodation
at our facility.


ServiceDaily Longer Term
Dog Boarding$30.00 Quotes available.
Dog Boarding per each additional dog from same family in the same run.$25.00  
Dog Daycare$30.00 Discount packages available
Dog Daycare for each additional dog from same family in same run.$22.50  

Price List and Billing Info

For more information on our dog boarding services,

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Dog Boarding FAQ's

Yes, we accept all breeds. Our facility is designed specifically to handle dogs without having to individually leash them. That allows us to safely interact with most without having to manhandle or control them in close quarters. It also allows us to concentrate on it being a positive experience for the pets as we can get as interactive as they like, not what we insist. Also, because most dogs that come here are peoples pets, there are very few who are misbehaved or unsafe towards others or our staff. Having said that, we let them interact in small groups if possible while maintaining privacy for others for various reasons. We don’t let un-neutered males interact directly with others for instance. Safety and having fun for all is what we strive to do!

Yes, familiar toys and treats, although we do prefer to provide bedding for your pet. 

Yes, we can accommodate many special care instructions. We do have limitations on some special care instructions as we are not a vet clinic. Please contact us prior to booking to ensure we can handle your specific request.

We accept all pets. If they can socialize, then we let them play with their group of friends in our outdoor pens. If they are intact then we exercise them separately. We have a common sense approach with your pets and their well being is first and foremost. Because of our robust and proper facility, we are well equipped to handle all pets no matter what for the most part. It’s hardly worth mentioning but we’ve turned away probably less than 10 dogs in almost 30 years and they were all unsafe for any human to be around them. Virtually all of the tens of thousands of pets that have stayed with us over the years are someones loving pet and very easy for us to deal with and take care of.

Yes we can keep up to three pets from the same family together. Here are the requirements:

  • They get along with each other.
  • They must be able to be fed together in the same run with minimal separation.
  • They must not be of drastically different sizes. Your very small dog may be intimidated by being in a large dog area of our building. If they fight with each other for any reason, it’s not fair for your small dog.
  • Normally we keep un-neutered males separate from all others. That’s open to discussion on a case by case basis whether we house them with your other pet.


Closed on these dates 2020:

  • Sunday, Feb 16

  • Saturday, April 11

  • Sunday, April 12

  • Sunday, May 17

  • Saturday, August 1

  • Sunday, Aug 2

  • Sunday, Sep 6

  • Sunday, Oct 11

  • Dec 24-25-26-31

  • Jan 1-2, 2021

    Only the office is closed and our system will not allow bookings to start or end on these dates. The kennel is fully operational.