Socializing your dog is a lot easier than you thought

    Socializing your dog is a lot easier than you thought

    Socialization is a key element in the growth of your pup. As a dog owner you want to raise a well-adjusted, happy, and confident dog. This can happen if you make an early start with your pup and gradually introduce him to animals, people, experiences, sounds, and new surroundings. You will find that slowly your pup will get used to external stimuli and will feel comfortable in all situations. (more…)

    The Benefits of Dog Kennel Training

    Kennel Training, also known as crate training, is quite a debated topic.

    However, it’s quite humane and is a good way to house train your furry friend, regardless of his age. If your precious pup has not been taken through a housebreaking course, chances are, you’ve got your hands full just with clean-up duty. (more…)

    How to Choose the Right Outdoor Dog Kennel

    For those with furry companions, the comfort of their live-in buddies is of utmost importance. If your furry buddy is not at a doggie daycare while you work, leaving him home alone all day may not always be the best option. Make a call on how you will handle your pet depending on his personality. If he’s a laid back home body who likes to laze around the home all day, let him be. (more…)

    Keep your Dog Safe this Fall

    Summer has officially come to an end here in Alberta. The days are cooler and daylight is much shorter. It’s always great to be outdoors with your dog.  However, in the fall there are a few things to be aware of to keep your pets safe.


    During colder times of the year, typically spring and fall, mushrooms can start to appear. Most mushrooms are not toxic. However a small amount of mushrooms are toxic to pets and can cause a lot of harm, serious illness, and sometime death. Its always best to avoid mushrooms all together. Mushrooms can be found almost anywhere such as in the lawn, garden, and wooded areas.

    Rat and Mice Season

    Its that time of year when mice, rats, and rodents start to look for shelter for the cold winter months ahead. These rodents will be happy anywhere that protects them from the cold weather which typically mean homes, garages, and sheds. Rat poison is one thing many people will use to eliminate these types of pests. Be aware that rat poison could be anywhere.


    Halloween is a fun time of year for many but can be a huge danger for dogs. With trick or treats around the house it is important to remember that chocolate is very harmful and poisonous to dogs. Halloween chocolate is mostly sugar and would be less harmful with one small piece but the chance your dog eats several chocolate treats could be very harmful.

    Firecrackers and fireworks create a strong level of anxiety for most dogs as the loud noises can make them very afraid. Try and keep your dog indoors during Halloween night and give them a safe place to lay down.

    Reduced Outdoor Time

    As summer vacation is over, everyone goes back to work and school, the days are getting shorter; your pet may be experience much less time outdoors than they were used to over spring and summer months. Your dog may need the extra exercise so putting them in a dog daycare during the day would help with the extra energy and missed attention.

    Plan for Holidays

    As we all start to make plans for the long weekends and other holidays, make sure you take the time to book well in advance any dog boarding services required. Well planned travel plans means less stress for you and your pet.

    Lab Puppy Training – What You Need to Know

    Congratulations. You’re a proud owner of a Lab puppy! While you may be excited and bustling with happiness, you might also have questions about what to do next with your beloved pup. One of the best ways to get started is to train your Lab to be obedient to listen and comprehend your instructions. You should include basic commands like sit, stand, heel, stay, come, and down right from the beginning so that they grow up learning to be smart and calm. (more…)

    Previous Field Trial Dogs

    Duffglenn’s Sparks Will Fly WCXBlack Lab award winning breed

    I bought Sparky from George Duffy as a companion dog in January 1992, after our house burned down and I lost my first lab, Spud. Sparky was quite active as a pup and we ran all over the country competing in the puppy, mostly as a social outing, I guess. There was no doubt that she could mark. The next spring we started her derby career. She started a little slow, but rapidly gained momentum with a double header in Red Deer, Alberta. She faced stiff competition but ranked 40 points, putting her at the top in Canada in 1993 in the Junior. The next season, she won her two Qualifyings in only 6 starts. Our kennel business was using a lot of our resources at that time so after a successful litter with Ebonstar Lean Mac, we decided to sell her. She went on to compete and breed with someone who at that time could afford to spend the money and time she needed. She has been one of our favorites. (more…)