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About Us

Stuart and Diana Mead with two labradors in Texas
Stu and Diana Mead, Reacher and Rigby in Texas spring flowers.
About Club Mead Pet Resort

Dog people first, business people second. That’s us. Stuart, Diana and Megan Mead. The idea for this business came along in 1993 after we recognized a need for more great dog care in the Edmonton area.  Bringing our expertise of animal health care and training with us, we focused on the well being of every pet in our care. Our attitude remains that if the dogs and cats are happy, then so will the people be. Our tremendous facility makes it possible to look after virtually any size dog in comfort. Whether they can socialize with others or not, they all get lots of exercise in our outdoor heated floor pens.

We are Labrador Retriever breeders also and have competed in the field trial retriever game for years.(1984)

Location, Location.

Our convenient location just 3 minutes east of the Edmonton International Airport on Airport Road allows us to serve dog and cat owners all across Alberta, Canada, and globally. Many people take advantage of our access to the airport from northern locations. They use us a hinge point to drop off their dogs and cats, and on to winter vacations. Business people regularly use us to board their pets while flying to meetings. Yet others drop off their dogs before driving south to other destinations because of our close proximity to Highway 2 South. Others who work in the Nisku Business Park drop off their pets for daycare on a regular basis.

See Us, Hear Us, Share Us.

You can hear us on the radio on CISN Country and we recently shot a tv show on Global TV. Check out our Facebook page for regular daily input and be sure to subscribe to our Pet Talk blog. We have a lot of fun posting vids on our YouTube Channel.  Please share our blog articles and tell your friends we are here ready to serve their pet care needs.

Stu and Diana Mead with Seanna Collins shooting video
Shooting video with Global TV's Seanna Collins
Girl worker holding dog at Club Mead Pet Resort
We love these pets like our own.
Our Staff

At Club Mead, we work hard to make sure that your pet dog or cat gets the best care possible during their stay with us. Whether you use our boarding facilities or our day care services, you can rest assured that your beloved pet is put in the best hands. As a family run business, we are extremely conscious about the staff that we hire at our pet resort. We work with the experience, training and skills of the people we hire. We make sure that every member of our team is passionate about animals.

Excellent Level of Care

Our skilled staff is trained to provide the best level of care for your dogs and cats. Our long term staff is extremely professional and channels their love for animals to make sure that all the needs of your pet are well taken care of. All staff members become proficient with animal first aid. We also offer nutrition expertise among other things to make sure your pet eats well and remains healthy.

Club Mead Pet Resort Staff
Club Mead employee washing the aisle at the boarding kennel.
Daily washing.
On the Job Training

We offer extensive on the job training at Club Mead to make sure that our staff adheres to our standards of pet care. Most of our staff comes with prior experience through working on farms, animal organizations and even with vets. Their dedication and passion for animals helps us maintain and grow our name as the most preferred and original pet resort in Alberta.

Book a Tour

Daily tours of our facility are offered at 12 noon so that you can get to know the staff and have a look around. Feel free to ask any questions you have about our facility during this tour. If you need to book a tour out of this time frame, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Club Mead employee washing dishes at the dog boarding kennel.
There's always a lot of dishes.
Megan Mead lying on grass with two small dogs
Megan with Razzle and Eva

Megan Mead, the only daughter of our family run business, ran the daily operations of the kennel for a few years. Megan grew up with pets as a big part of her day to day life and she now has moved on to a different career.

Closed on these dates 2020:

  • Sunday, Feb 16

  • Saturday, April 11

  • Sunday, April 12

  • Sunday, May 17

  • Saturday, August 1

  • Sunday, Aug 2

  • Sunday, Sep 6

  • Sunday, Oct 11

  • Dec 24-25-26-31

  • Jan 1-2, 2021

    Only the office is closed and our system will not allow bookings to start or end on these dates. The kennel is fully operational.